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                              Join Hands Now!

                          LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITY


Volunteer for one of the following committees.

Membership works to meet needs of present members and to recruit new members; Program works with the president to develop programs for meetings; Hospitality plans and procures refreshments/meals for meetings; PEA Support works to provide support to members with service and grants as well as coordinating volunteers for PEA; Audit works with the treasurer to conduct an annual audit; Community Involvement provides members with involvement opportunities, both educational, service, and political.


Your Leadership Skills Are Needed NOW! If you are willing to serve on a committee let us know:



This section provides basic information about the people who represent Polk County citizens in the Florida Legislature and the United States Congress.  Your will find more information by visiting the following websites:,,,

Bell, M.jpg

MELONY M. BELL                                                                          District: 49

Term Limited: 2026                                                                          City of Residence: Fort Meade

Occupation: Business Owner                                                 

Birthday: October 29

Staff: Nathan Register, Shannon Curtis


Current Committee Assignments: Education and Employment (Vice Chair), Post Secondary and Workforce Subcommittee, Appropriations, Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee, Water Quality, Supply and Treatment Subcommittee.

JENNIFER CANADY                                                           DISTRICT 50

Term Limited: 2030                                                          City of Residence: Lakeland

Occupation: Teacher (Private School)

Birthday: July 22

Staff: Rachel Barnes, Annek Bell


Current Committee Assignments: Education and Employment, Education Quality Subcommittee, Insurance and Banking Subcommittee, PreK-12 Appropriations Subcommittee.

Killebrew, S.jpg

SAM KILLEBREW                                                                    DISTRICT 41

 Term Limited: 2024                                                       City of Residence: Winter Haven

Occupation: Retired

Birthday: April 13

Staff: Ranay Willis


Current Committee Assignments:

Tomkow, J.jpg

JOSIE TOMKOW                                                                         DISTRICT 51

Term Limited: 2024                                                         City of Residence: Polk City

Occupation: Cattle Rancher

Birthday: October 15

Staff: Barbara Blasingame, Robyn Bryant


Current Committee Assignments: PreK-12 Appropriations Subcommittee (Chair), Appropriations, Infrastructure Strategies, Education Quality Subcommittee.

BEN ALBRITTON                                                                     SENATE DISTRICT 27 9FFICE

Term Limited: 2026                                                       150 N Central Avenue

Occupation: Agribusiness Owner                                     Bartow, FL 33830

Birthday: August 17                                                       863-534-0073

Staff: Patty Harrison, Andrew Liebert, Kara Lucas, Karen Whaley


Current Committee Assignments: Appropriations on Agriculture, Environment, and Central Government.

Environment and Natural Resources, Finance and Tax, Fiscal Policy, Government Oversight and Accountability, Health Policy, Judiciary, Select Committee on Resiliency (Chair), Joint Legislative Budget Commission.

COLLEN BURTON                                                                   SENATE DISTRICT 12 OFFICE

Term Limited: 2030                                                      100 South Kentucky Avenue

Occupation: Senator                                                     Lakeland, FL 33801

Birthday: April 19                                                         863-413-1529

Staff: Denise DeBow, Lara Medley, Brittany Rembert

Email: collen.burton,

Current Committee Assignments: Health Policy (Chair), Judiciary (Vice Chair), Appropriations on Education, Appropriations on Health and Human Services, Banking and Insurance, Fiscal Policy, Rules, Transportation, Joint Administrative Procedures.

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